Friday, March 24, 2006

Crass Embelleshment

Its a hard time being stuck in a coniption glove. The commercials are too loud.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

That American Dream

America is so hot . . . I can hardly hold myself. It's been grand since I move here and learn driving and chat. I extra like the pull tab lady at the Wooly Blanket tavern here in good Americn town. She is always breaking up hairface men's brawling with her super plaid knockers of American size. I have been reading the town journalism Car and Boat Swapper part with 'boys seeking wet engines' and decide on SST lady with new tailpipe for only $3995.

But I cried because my letter from home cousin says his hands stuck in jobs and canno feed and wash in the right tradition because TV is sick. Not everywhere happy like America alright, buddy? He said the girl I loved as a boy to tie her leg to neck and then climb a lizard bush now just crazy for breathing and dont like busy rules about cleaning and traditional lip zippers.

So forget that back walking lady and get excited for the Most American Horse Contest we have every year in 'the littlest best town in biggest best Country' in America. Sloppy Reginald, the pig mayor poopys on a square with the baby picture of the horse owner and then the picture baby has to drink their birthweight in shiny beer tat is no beer at all but good for clean the tailpipes and then strapped to the horse and sent to Fallujah to cheer troops.

I love every smell here especially after this grand old party. I hope every one at home can be just like me someday. So dont cry for me okay, buddy?