Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ruffled Tuxedo for the Masses!

Hey Turk,
I know, I have had some troubles in the past. YOu shouldnt hold me to its thoug. My though it this: you lend me tractor, I give you work. Communist call me 'means of production' I call you'boss'!!!!!

So get this; I spent my time locally screaming at terrible fish dream and insect parade! The ants were taking on the bomblast, and I was there for each of the seconds! It is a time to feel i Think, not just time for loud hapening and scaring the old people. If I tried to hard before it was becaus e i was trieding to make a differince in community. Community parlor lately, we haul out old men to shine. We put them on silver pot to watch them shit and shine useless bald heads with our spitrag. Our newspaper callit " COlumn to SHIN#!" But sometimes i still have problems with close comforts of the "creature."

Lead-a-bisqwik to the hortoculture and couldnt make it dance. Still its not the offense of my sycophantia, BUT more my escapist mentla. I tries, again, but it is too much effort. It is to long. This was most embracing beacuse I wanted to impress my new "angry friend" but they are liked it too much and said 'Ganni, you K-Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee', which is not what i wanted to hear this sunday.

I was climbing down my local dog and cared enough to send a postcard, here is your postcard:

"Hello, I am climbing down a dog. It was musty at first, but now I am near the hind-quarters, and it is more dry-mangy smell. This dog is missing hair and I think it bites ankles. The whether is pleasent here, but the claw seeks hind-quarter. Soon each monkey twist anger fight if and only if vernacular pain."

Oh, hello again! I wanted to tell you that I have many new hobbies (to passing the time!). My first new hobbitsus be buying immigrant childrens bronzed shoes and melting them into hardcore rapper fronts. My second hobby is insulin shots. My third new hobby is my "Cartwheels for the Blind" program, where I introduce blind people to cartwheels. In these days, people think no one cares about the elderly, but what about nursing homes and food stamps? I dont get that shit!

But this is all just a cover for the real issues. Everything you see, everything you hear, is just a bomardment by a corporate sponsored media, that tries to control every aspect of your life. They play to your materialistic instinct by using colors like red, yellow. They exploit your moral sensibility by telling you of dolphin weddings and sloth sodomy. You just sit there like an autistic sponge absorbed in your own pettiness. That is truly the plot of the Wretching Flu Platypus.

I guess I just wasnt ready to be so famous.