Monday, June 05, 2006

Rifle through Sandwich flakes

A dummy gene or thirteen manuevers out of a star? Labels on mercurial hotrods or heartthrobs? Firmam? Fireman? Levitation through golden sunsets will cure your exchanges between hovering demons and strangels on the other shoulder. Why not, on the other shoulder.

A firteen or a firtree? Legs or leggos? Papal people or stapled sneakers with weevol? You might say enough questions. I say remuffed stetsons...right back at you.

These days its kind of hot here, but more cool than anything else. Firteen is something to be said. Guys, it is definitely time to remember me. Remember me for a minute, says forest 5 envelope. The code is obrscht or ubrsting.

orbot asys lpease! Don't make me repeat that because held down vowels make shirtsleeves pop out of funniest home videos as something random, vegetal, and otherworldly. Bright.

Tortoise tail or Globular ten-dolar wings. Rifle through sandwich flakes.