Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Frenzy of Heathen Lamb-Racking!

Just when you thought everything was safe in the Harlems of the Third Reich, they provide you this: a wincing soup. Ever unfolding, never brilliant or closer to the truth, but optimism from even the amputees. Ahem... he is concerned. The consternation of your presidents is a false and ravished eyeball. I will make soup.
Hardly the time for a workout, but when do you have time? There is an underbelly to this world, cramped and singed. The last of the penguin kings concluded by being NOT impressed. There is no time --- we have moved houses, so to speak, completely off the map. I wish I could give you an instance where you were fair and wise and unflappable in the heat, but you are melting I'm afraid. It's approximately 78 degrees in America right now. There's an open call for hamburger beauty pageants. There's an incredible line of flaky-skinned delinquents waiting to offend the lineup underground. So vulgur! Stole my seat too!