Thursday, November 02, 2006

From Where Are the Runts

Fro what are the runts to break out of the mantlepiece? Is it fair? Who said there would be an oiven in which to make love like a turkey in the oven? Is that fair? I would promote a rash.

I would lay down and find tissue paper to hide under. I might even rearrange my hair and promote world fitness by a pop pop whizz, the fishing pole falling into the water, pulling in the fisherman, and then just going ahead and pulling the shore he's standing on in too. I might arrange things that way. I might. I honestly might.

Today is dustbuster day, so I'm vacuuming up some old ways of doing things and making them much more of a weird process of kissing all the hands of gentlemen in the world. Let me kiss your hands? Let me rub my belly along your knees until you say yeah yeah, thats more than I can handle, lets do it.