Monday, January 26, 2009

Hoistening the Marrow!

Its a difficult plane to plow, fellows.

I set it this way: I woke up recently, in the banks of some garden, hosted by a group of beneveolent man-eating plants. We sat, had tea and discussed the economy of man-eating plants. While not entirely sentient, they still manage to sway a good argument. They stand tall as a man, and have teeth of thorns, their laughter is like hisses, and their hisses laughter. Its all the same, they may as well be snakes. There is not a reason that they find, other than, of course tea.

Tea lets them know that they are still proper gentleman, man-eating plants or no. While they dont wear storks or dignify most answers with anything other than gnashing thorns, you can be sure that these are the plants to be around.

And thats where I have been, lately, suckling thorns. Apparently there is good value to it. Values and propositions always meet, apparently. So of course we all end up swimming in thorns.

They, apparently, think I would benefit from "Water Horse of the Deep". Maybe its my online identity, maybe its my professed love of horses. And my well-publicized hatred of the same horses. Is it? IS IT?!?