Wednesday, September 01, 2010

And what of affability?

It might be the easiest pretense to live with, but hardest to maintain. I think we should take a classical look at this phenomena throughout history. In the early days, there was little need for affability, since everyone just had a club and fought each other for pine nuts covered in caveman mayonnaise.

A bitter stew indeed, this affability. In his manic letters to the press before he died, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle prophetically explained the importance of affabilities cousin: amiability.

In these, my last, of Sir, I must impart the invicibility of amiability. Just as we, mortal humans catch our wang in the proverbial single-pant zipper, I think the problem is that I am simply about to die. That is why I always have one amiabilee sidekick.

His death rattle shook the house.