Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Best Nest (Next Nest)

In this nest are the plans. They've been torn up but are better for it. They must be followed. I have managed to decipher the following from them:

Eschatology or scatolo. Sand in the diaper or staple my p[iper to the waiting room inside my multi-chambered bear. The bear? Yes, that old ursa bear brown and cinammon, crunching its way through the mountainside, roughage people, berries, and the ooooweeeee of certain unmentioable hiking fanatics (Larry). Eat the lawmaker. And you are my brothers.

Take my bag away cuz here I'm going to stay, with the rest of the plants. This here Mastrchomp beareatenursachompkid has decided it would be best if lawyers decided the fate of each of our sibflings. I dont really care, but it would be nice to find someone to take care of my brothers and their weightlifting retardation scales. And you are my brothers.

Who labelled whitey white rice white? Who labelled me a bag thrown from the forementioned tree, and hate guy, and slave robber, and mating chamber for thirsty soy sauce eggs. People. Lawyers. The only thing worse than a lawyer joke is smiling ones way through a jury ordeal by pleading Bear! Handlebear, mandlebear!, my brothers.


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