Friday, December 08, 2006

Alloted Fecund Thwang Wort!

Check out my blue coat!

Its hard livin here in the manger, what with the plaigarism charges. I cant keep hypnotic with my "lightspeak" but the outcome is still the same: cows fucking moo. It never stopped me, though, from moving foward with my plans. As the quite wise Nausbert once said: "Insignificant details are the rocks of our dreams tied around our collective corpulently belching throat, drowning in a sea of horsefat set ablaze by a million harrowed flog-dutchers."


There are more terrible things in the world than drabbery, but still it is something to be parished. While stalking hearty nuncicals may bring a canist smile to a once already bount of high esteem, our understanding of precocious surroundings alienates the lucidity shared by me and the commoners. Truly it is ours to behold.

If indeed the wretchid serif were one to falsely collaborate on nuances yet unspoken betwixt schallop and schallon, surely our bearances would unduly bequeth us nards?

Furthermore, what became my Reno pittance was little more than a personal sabotage, I was able to share a few details:
"It walked into the room, floculently.


And then it was sin.


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