Monday, January 01, 2007

The shiny Foott Elastic

Hey and Harp on this!


Ground Zero is beautiful today!

I swaer it has been rumpled in the chambers, swearing and sweating through molecules of confabulated retardo jets. It desn't even make a baby! So how could it sing.

This morning I am SURE you woke up, sprayed around the kistchen for an hour or so, then moused your way back into bed to enjoy the fumes under cover? I know the weight of my smell Utami because it locks its shins together and hates the taste of water. Why would I ever come back for you? I'll tell you why. My knife.

When I woke up I moved and felt my ocular tick turn, and then it went south, and then it came back. I knew it was frothing but how many chamber candwiches does a man with a cane have to retract? I retract every statement I ever made. Can I? Yes, I can, Otamar.

My nose has become softer than usual in this form letter of a vacationspray. I knew my hair was wrong when one man came up to me and glistened my chin with his doo rag. So short I didnt even see him while looking at the ground zero.

I limped through breakfast today and saw my body break into tiny portions divvied up on the plates of any kind of frigid sodafountain my emotions could find. Betrayed by emotions?

No, more like a waitress with a bum leg who gives too much of herself in the spraycanister. I know. There is so much to give...if everybody gives, then everybody will have something.

But I dont want something, I want my stuff!


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