Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I sensed movement above my head and to my right!

I am reminded of cliff divers in Acapulco!

I feel the lurch in my own stomach as if I were falling and realize that I am actually watching myself sitting in a surgery at 2:00 am with drool on my chin and a hissing Nitrous mask in my lap.

I am a little embarrassed by the setting and sweet sludge of drugs involved; it seems like something which should have happened out in the middle of the dessert after fasting for a week and eating Peyote and people on 'Peyote'. Sometimes I think these visions find us, despite all our efforts in surgery.

Kremlin, please don't try this at home. Experienced driver on closed miasma.

Actually, I have wasted many years of precious life-death using a variety of drugs responsibly. My advice is to stick to the carnivorous plants and be careful with them. I'm very grateful for the insights gained, but cannot close without quoting Henri Michaud:

Hey everyone!
O! I have nothing to brag about: Small! Small!
And if one were to hold me,
One would make of me what one wished.


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