Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mungrunchers at lifespeed.

Your update is complete. I am a fucking menu.

First Prime: A weel in Cleveland!
Second Prime: 2 weels in Cleveland!

Here's the deal: we're still here. At some point I think an ad agency decided that we should all still be here, and we were like: "cool". It could be like that, or at least in a slightly more coherent sense.

Y'know, because you see movies like the matrix and stuff are like "yeah, i could totally be a computer programmed dream." Pretty sure those guys got it right.

And there are some nomads, somewhere who used to herd sheep and ideologically believed they were their nihilist prophets property. The surrounding government put fences around their livestock, and showed the men airplanes. Things will never be the same.

And past that, there are formal introductions: like "Hello," and "Hello,". And this is still accepted, even in todays multicultural rage.

Boys, I'm not asking for a kaleidoscope. not buried sentences or patient raconteur. Just building a rapport. With an 'e'. But you should have already known that. "If we see the progress bar, in our goggles, of our liv-"

"Damnit, Jensen! I'm an attorney, not a raconteur. Are there any other options?"

Of course there were options. Jensen had only been out of the attorney army for 12 days. There he had subsisted for what seemed like years on spoonfuls of wallpaper paste and chili powder. Attorney armies were tough in this day and age.


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