Monday, October 09, 2006

And Erstwhile Melthorse

The Barista finger I marvinned out of the way has come back and taken over my busy busy me lifestlye. Sitting with you in that exotic museum cafe on that rainy day in Tokyo. First the hammock chairs, then the girl who despised us for being "ice creamu" lickers of the highest magnitude. Lets get ourselves involved in the grapes for a while, sandwich bob.

I wished we'd had more time on the playout, to rib cotton jumpsuits and crable the sizzling witness to the Elongated Clay penis? The pictures are fantastic. I in a radar flavored jumpsuit, slabs of monk meat souffled with a cranapple cooling pie. Felled trees playing the Gray Snyder horse head and horsehappy values and erstwhile melthorse.

A swaying trees? A Gu Cheng mightmouse on the New Zealand railroad kick finger. The damage has been done, no less. I moved my kids out into old time bobs hatemachine, and then my muscle flew out and sandiched a raisin bran commercial? Gu Cheng my ass?

How was the rave out in woodland? Are you a day trader? A headdress hunter? 34 hours in the middle of a spycake? Oh wo begone solid food blanket, here is a poem I am working on....


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